Ama-no-gawa cherry blossoms

Amanogawa are easy to identify because the blossoms bloom straight "up" inside of down. Indeed, if you stand under the tree, you will see only the sepals (the five leaves at the bottom). Ama-no-gawa means “heaven’s river” (aka Milky way) in Japanese. The branches of the amanogawa cherry trees are shooting straight towards heaven!

It's one of the last cherry tree to bloom in Vancouver (as late as May). The buds are pink, the flowers open white and turn dark pink as they age.


Pepperidge court, Burnaby

photophoto photo



Marden Court (corner Ednor), Burnaby


photo amamogawa cherry blossoms photo amanogawa cherry tree

photo amnogawa photo


Late season

Late in the season, the blossoms turn pink.